Friday, November 13

It's A Good Day, And A Glorious Collection of Red!

Today is a very good day! I have a new internet provider, and my connection is rock solid - yay!!

To celebrate, I feel in the mood for all things RED!

Those who know me well, know I can't live without some red in my life. I'm hardwired for it (something I'm working on posting about... this notion of being hardwired to a certain colour).

When I feel happy, I 'feel' red!

So here's some lovely red images that're tickling my fancy today.

Viva la red!

Boy, I love red!

Here's my favourite...... breathtaking....



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  1. I love red too! This post was so energizing! If you ever do a blue post, here is one of my favorites:

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    Lovely to meet you! Thanks for that link, you're right, it's beautiful. The rest of the photographer's work is gorgeous also, and I have put her in my favourites.

    Thanks for dropping by.... will drop over and visit you!

    Linda. xx :)


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